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Automatic Standby Generator Installation

Generator Istallation

Automatic Standby Generator Installation

Weather you  want the ability to run everything in your home during a power outage, or just a Few critical circuits like the furnace, sump-pump, and refrigerator Bennati Electrical Services LLC can Install a system to meet your needs and most budgets.  

How Does an Automatic Standby Generator Work? 

A standby generator monitors your homes power supply from your electric utility company.  When a power outage happens the Automatic Transfer Switch senses an outage starts the generator and transfers your home over to generator power.  Some generators also have internet capabilities, and can send a message to you to inform you of an outage and that your generator is running.  This is a great feature because you don't have to worry about your basement flooding or your food spoiling while you are away. It gives you peace of mind because you know that your generator comes on when it is needed.  The generator can also inform you when you need to schedule maintenance to insure that your generator is always in good working order.    

How long does the average install take? 

The average install time is ranges from one to two days for the Electrical work and a few hours for the plumber to hook up the gas line. Every job is slightly different.  Interruption to your daily routine is minimal.  

What can I use when the generator is running?

The answer depends on the rating and size of your generator.  A 20 Kw -22 Kw generator is capable of running just about every thing in your home.  You don't want to turn every light and appliance on at the same time though.  You don't want to overload the generator and you want to conserve fuel in case the power is out for a prolonged time.  There are also safeguards that can be installed to insure that you don't run too may things at one time.  These are called load shedding modules.  They work by temporarily turning off one appliance when another is needed.  For example if you want to use your Central AC the load shedding device may turn off the electric range,  electric dryer, or hot water tank.  This is based on the priority that is given to each appliance in the load Shedding Module, and the demand for power placed on the generator by what you are running.  Usually only heavy loads Like those previously mentioned are placed on the load shedding module.  These loads can be given higher or lower priority depending on whats most important for you to run.  

Is there a more affordable option if I Just want to run  a few important circuits?  

Yes there are more affordable options.  Depending on what you want to run during an outage you could go with a smaller generator like a 12-15 Kw unit.  As capacity goes down so does the price of the generator.  You could also go with a manual transfer switch and a portable gas powered generator for a more budget friendly option.  Portable generators require a little more work on your part to set up. care must also be taken to insure that you don't overload a small generator.  Portable generators must be set up outside so carbon monoxide cant get into your home.  

Portable Generator Installation

Typically for a portable generator installation we install a manual 30 amp transfer switch next to your breaker panel.  This is connected to a special generator outlet on the outside of your house.  When the power goes out you plug the generator in outside and start it.  then you switch each circuit over to generator power one at a time.  This is usually enough to run a refrigerator, sump-pump, and a few lights.    

Automatic Standby Generator
Portable Generator with Manual Transfer Switch